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1. Improved Negotiation Performance

We take care to measure the difference our skills training makes. We’ve captured over 30,000 opinions across 25 years of customer feedback and 96% of our participants reported improved negotiating performance.


2. ROI x 13.18

We know our coaching makes a real difference because our clients say so. On average participants report saving 13.18 times the course fee within 3 months. - 84% within 6 weeks - 23% on their first negotiation


3. Highly Recommended Course

"Two CFO's I highly respect said that this was the best training course they had ever taken. That was motivation enough for me to attend. The course teaches the basic tools that no finance, client service or BD professional should go into a negotiation environment without. I especially appreciated the teaching style that was a mix of storytelling, visuals and role-playing. I came away inspired, confident and ready to approach any negotiation with a new toolkit. Highly recommended."

Diane Holland CFO - Possible


4. Global Coverage

We are a truly international business with offices across 6 continents, having delivered our courses in 105 countries. We have global client relationships, as well as domestic ones, and we are structured to offer global consistency of training and consultancy at a local level. Our embedded teams in each region share a comprehensive understanding of the commercial landscape to ensure that whoever you are and wherever you are, you are guaranteed to get our world class service.


5. Language Capabilities

With our established and experienced licensed network of 40 offices across the world, we are delivering over 1,000 courses per year in 25 languages


6. Industry-Leading Digital Tools

At Scotwork we believe that training doesn’t stop when you leave the classroom.

We provide our participants with industry-leading digital tools to further embed their skillset and assist their negotiations.


7. Participant to tutor ratio

Each ANS course is hosted by two of our negotiation experts. Their expertise and passion is focused on making your experience as relevant as possible to your day-to-day world of work. And with a tutor ratio of just 1:6, you are sure to receive plenty of individual direction and knowledge-sharing.


8. Over 300,000 negotiators trained worldwide

We have unrivalled global experience in negotiation consultancy and training. We have trained over 300,000 people worldwide and our testimonials consistently report that participants regard it as “the best course I have ever been on.” With our focus on embedding the learning and our proven return on investment, most of our business comes from word-of-mouth and recommendations, which is something we are very proud of.


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