The Building Blocks of Negotiation

This entry-level one-day course starts your people on a life-changing journey towards negotiating control. The Foundation Workshop will give participants confidence by revealing the building blocks that deliver negotiating control; it will give them a common negotiating language and a framework of the process, including

  • Core negotiating concepts
  • Process that underpins all negotiations
  • Structured approach to preparation
  • Constructive information exchange
  • Importance of trading

Everything that your people learn on the Foundation Workshop is consistent and compatible with Scotwork’s more advanced courses. Post-course, participants will be given access to a range of digital tools and content to help expand their knowledge and keep the subject matter fresh in their minds.

The course will be delivered by two Senior Scotwork consultants who will carefully guide the class through a combination of theory and interactive exercises, climaxing in a Scotwork “Negotiation Case Play”, in which participants will be given a chance to practise and embed what they have learned.

The venue is the Marriott Maida Vale, Plaza Parade, London starting at 08.30 and finishing at 17.30 on Friday 5th October 2018. The course fee £725.00 plus VAT, per participant.

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Show up and throw up!

An evocative phrase that I heard in two different settings for the first time last week. It concerns the behaviour of salespeople who spend inordinate amounts of time in what is best described as rampant persuasion rather than try to understand what the customer wants. As you must know by now (if you are regular readers of this BLOG), Scotwork are absolute experts in the art of negotiation. We often describe negotiation as what happens when the selling (persuasion) stops.

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