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Published: Sep 03 , 2020
Author: Alan Smith

My daughter arrived home last week for her regular visit to wash her bedding. 30 years old and still comes home to wash her bed. I know. What the flip! Weird but I guess the fact that...


Published: Aug 27 , 2020
Author: Alan Smith

One of the many things that COVID has exposed dramatically is the attitude we all have for taking risks. Risk has always been a shifting and ever-present aspect of life and something that we all come into contact with at some point. From the (mis)adventures we have as kids to the decisions we make as adults, our attitude towards risk is a fundamental part of who we are.


Published: Aug 13 , 2020
Author: Alan Smith

I live in the extreme south-east of England, probably as close to the coast of France as I am to London. As such we get the best weather in the UK, assuming of course that you enjoy the sunshine and relative warmth of a hit or miss UK summer. If you enjoy cool and rain, not to mention midges, I suggest Scotland.

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Over the years I have spent quite a lot of time in Bradford. My wife, at that time my girlfriend, went to Margaret McMillan College of Education in the town, we were regular visitors to the Alhambra Theatre, and later on I taught numerous managers working for Grattan’s, the mail order catalogue company. It is a fine town, populated by great characters. In 1981 Bradford made headlines when it declared itself to be a nuclear-free zone. No one quite understood what that meant in practice, but the literal interpretation was that if...

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