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Published: Jun 18 , 2020
Author: Stephen White

I have been driving an electric car for over 4 years. At the beginning my friends scoffed about ‘range anxiety’ and their disbelief that anyone who drove long distances, as I do, would accept the risk of running out of power in the middle of nowhere – or even worse in the middle of the M1. My smug retort was to point out the difference between the price they paid for fuel and the price I paid for electricity. I was definitely an outlier but in those 4 years we have all become much more aware of climate change, we have learned much more about the noxious fumes emitted by diesel engines, and the range of electric vehicles has significantly increased. As a result many more people were looking to replace their ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles with electric equivalents. The high price of fuel, and an expectation that prices will keep on rising has also helped. Until lockdown.


Published: May 07 , 2020
Author: Stephen White

Lockdown certainly sorts the gardeners out, at least around where I live. Some gardens I pass on my daily exercise hour are super-pristine, almost manicured in their perfection. Others remain a straggly mess, with the grass overlong and the weeds overblown. Mine fits into the latter category; not because I don’t care but because I don’t have the skill, the enthusiasm or the tools to do anything about it. So when an announcement was made yesterday...


Published: Apr 23 , 2020
Author: Stephen White

Few would deny that Donald Trump’s thinking has been all over the place in terms of the virus. He consults with scientists and relies on scientific advice, and then tells the Great American Public that the metrics he will use to determine when and how to relax the lockdown are ‘in here’ (pointing to his head). He says he understands the need for lockdown but encourages insurrection by those who want to ignore social distancing and ‘liberate’ America. Confused, or what?

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I have just been the dutiful Dad and delivered the youngest one, Grace, back to Bristol with her boyfriend – both graduating students of the university there. They have decided to both stay on for a year (coincidence? I think not) and so it is the annual task of moving into a new flat (facilitated by yours truly) that this story is about.

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