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Expert negotiation
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Expert negotiation
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Advancing Negotiation Skills

This course is perfectly suited to anyone who negotiates at any level and will provide you with the core skills you need to negotiate confidently in a professional, ethical and competent manner. Part theory, but with an emphasis on live exercises and case-plays, the course fully prepares you for the challenges of real-world negotiation.

negotiation skills training

No matter your negotiation experience, industry or background, our training programmes are designed to further your negotiation skills and take you on a lifelong learning journey. Our courses range from beginner workshops to further advanced programmes for expert negotiators.

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Our solutions range from benchmarking negotiation performance against global best practice, building strong foundations and developing sustainable skills, through to consultancy expertise and establishing negotiation masters

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Our courses provide an average ROI of 16.08 x the course fee in just 3 months


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ANS refers to the classroom Advancing Negotiation Skills training and VANS refers to its virtual version. Join our expert negotiation consultants and a mix of participants from diverse backgrounds. Enjoy a unique mix of fascinating insights, inspiring stories, authentic case plays and in-depth video analysis. Check out the dates for our next open negotiation skills course.

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Course Start Date End Date Location Sign up
ANS 12/08/2024 14/08/2024 London
ANS 23/09/2024 25/09/2024 Manchester Sold Out
ANS 21/10/2024 23/10/2024 London
Foundation Workshop 28/10/2024 28/10/2024 London
ANS 18/11/2024 20/11/2024 London
ANS 09/12/2024 11/12/2024 London

How good are your negotiators?

How effectively does your team or organisation negotiate? Are you below, on par with or above your industry benchmark? 


Our online survey tells you how capable your organisation is, and where and how to maximise your negotiation performance.


The report focuses on nine areas of negotiating and compares the results of your respondents with those of 5,300 negotiators from 39 industry sectors in 31 countries around the world.

Capability Survey

How can our negotiation experts help you?

Our Consultancy and Advisory Services help organisations of every size and sector to win time after time.


Scotwork’s negotiation experts will work with you to develop a tailored solution to help you push through any negotiation roadblocks, fill capability gaps or help you build momentum to ensure you make better deals.


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Once upon a deal...



Once Upon a Deal… is a compilation of insightful, engaging and entertaining negotiation stories written by Scotwork's negotiation experts and drawn from the team's extensive and rich experience across many sectors and situations.


Structured around Scotwork's established Eight Step Framework, the stories in the book provide relevance and context to the steps of the framework, each providing a compelling, topical and often personal insight into a particular area of negotiation.


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We address real-world challenges




Our training has been tried and tested by thousands of participants for almost 50 years. We develop capability based on a detailed understanding of your competencies.


We ensure best global practice with local flexibility, we have offices in 46 countries and can deliver training and consultancy in 29 languages.


We cover your entire negotiating journey: before the course, we determine which areas you and your organisation are lacking in, during the negotiation training we focus on developing your skills and after the course we provide you with the resources necessary for you to be in control and succeed in your negotiations


Focused on embedding lasting change, we have trained and coached companies across many UK sectors and industries, from small companies to FTSE 100 corporations


Measuring and delivering industry-leading ROI since 1989, our negotiation training courses provide an average ROI of 16.08 x the course fee in just 3 months

Global standards - Locally applied


All sectors - All functions - All levels


Offices in 48 countries - Consultancy and training in 29 languages



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