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What did I just agree to, again?

Ellis Croft 29th February 2024

One area of negotiation that can end up being frequently overlooked is agreement. In other words, the specific terms and conditions parties are binding themselves to in the contract that the negotiation will produce. For some (including for many y...

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AI gone wrong…

Siobhan Bermingham 22nd February 2024

As AI’s presence in the commercial world increases, a recent Canadian tribunal has many questioning how reliable AI is when it comes to sales, negotiation and customer interaction. AI is being utilised across industries to assist businesses in au...

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Beware the perils of giving in

Andy Archibald 15th February 2024

Like millions of people in the UK, we've been hooked by the reality TV show, The Traitors. While waiting for the second-to-last episode of season 2, we watched the end of another popular TV program in the UK called Dragon's Den. The show features...

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My kind of Proposal this Valentines

Siobhan Bermingham 8th February 2024

Whether it's dream proposals, hidden needs, wishes unfulfilled, the need for a greater understanding of what your partner is saying, generous offerings, power dynamics or learning how to give them what they want - Valentine's has never reminded me...

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