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No Alarm & No Surprises

Horace McDonald 7th December 2023

Negotiations are made up of several issues/variables most of which have a different value to each party. We define negotiation as a process by which parties in conflict adjust their positions, by trading issues of lesser importance in exchange for...

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Prime Ministers fighting over marbles

Yannis Dimarakis 30th November 2023

I am Greek, so I cannot claim objectivity on the subject matter. But it is hard to refrain from pointing out a few points of interest, from a negotiator's viewpoint. One does not need to be a negotiation expert to know that high emotions usually...

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Sliding windows

Ellis Croft 23rd November 2023

Earlier this year I had one of my window frames fixed, under guarantee. Not particularly exciting, nor ostensibly relevant to a negotiation-themed blog. Although to be fair, the repair took place 22 years after the installation. Oh, and 12 years a...

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Drastic Discounts or Deception…

Siobhan Bermingham 16th November 2023

As Black Friday fast approaches the hum of excitement is building, murmurs of killer deals and discussions about treating oneself to items you might otherwise never consider buying. Is this due to the ‘huge discounts’ or is it the illusion of the...

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