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It's a dogs life

Ann Allfrey 28th July 2022

I recently got chatting with a participant on a course around our mutual love of dogs. Both being the new families of relatively young dogs we shared the ups and downs of dog ownership. Photos were exchanged and eyes were rolled, in mutual underst...

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Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Alan Smith 21st July 2022

As my grandma used to say, I like it warm, but this is too warm. The UK looks like it’s about to hit an all-time high temperature record of 42 degrees, in Doncaster of all places! Even the weather reporter was shocked that a northern town would s...

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And we’re off…

Horace McDonald 14th July 2022

Last week I had the pleasure of spending a glorious week on the Atlantic coast south of Lisbon with my wife. My daughter joined us on our 3rd day, as she was performing at the Nos Alive festival on Lisbon at the end of the week, which we attended....

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Fail to prepare? Then prepare to fail

Andy Archibald 7th July 2022

Recently, I was away camping and hiking on the beautiful coast of northwest Scotland. The weather was a bit wet and wild; the wind at times was so strong it felt like someone very big was falling onto my tent and it was only a matter of time befor...

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