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What do we want, when do we want it? Now!

Ann McAleavy 20th June 2024

When you watch any form of news reporting, you'll have heard this chant. There are many reasons for people protesting, and it can help highlight issues that we're not always aware of. People feel strongly not only about better pay and working cond...

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Wanna bet?

Ellis Croft 13th June 2024

News that one of Rishi Sunak’s aides allegedly placed a wager on the date of the general election mere days before it was announced is causing ripples in the already turbulent waters of the current news cycle. Of course we must acknowledge – right...

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What a corny way to negotiate

David Bannister 6th June 2024

To escape from the media’s obsession with the upcoming election, we have been pleased, in our house, to divert our attention away to the third series of “Clarkson’s Farm”.  For those of you who have not seen this, there have been 24 episodes so fa...

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Question Mark

Horace McDonald 30th May 2024

In the last 2 years my wife and I have treated ourselves to a bit of winter sun. She needs it more than I do and it certainly helps to break up the monotony of the British winter and this year has been a particularly miserable one. We were on...

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