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Having started his career in Marketing, with a subsequent move to Sales, Horace was then schooled in the diverse environments of FMCG followed by the Music Industry, experiencing a variety of different styles and approaches from acquiring commercial experience working with retailers for both big consumer brands and entertainment where the ‘brands’ talk back to you.

Horace started his career at Unilever, after a stint working on deodorant brands, including the mighty Sure, he moved to Sales working on Superdrug, and was thrust into challenging negotiation environments. He then moved to EMI Records, which included a role as Head of National Accounts managing a team selling physical music to a variety of specialist and non-specialist retailers, then moved to Virgin Records working with artist managers on building retail campaigns across the companies' catalogues.

Following a mid-career corporate career break to develop a print-on-demand business, doing deals with car magazines and picture image brands, Horace did his first stint in one of Scotwork’s competitors, surviving 6 years teaching courses, leading a team and selling, he then spent 3 years at System1 Group a boutique market research company as Managing Director for Europe leading a team of over 50 researchers. Horace initially landed at Scotwork in early 2021 as Business Development Director. A year after he is now the CEO of the UK Business focussing on building the business and maximising the capability of the UK team. Horace also serves as a Trustee of Hoxton Hall one of the UK’s oldest music halls.

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Inside room only...

One of the great things about running negotiation training courses is meeting a variety of participants from many different industries and cultures, hearing about their families, personal interests and sometimes making long-term friends. Travel nearly always features as a personal interest. Strangely though, not for me. 

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Tell me why...

Having become empty nesters when both our grown-up children left home in the middle of 2022, my wife and I are remodelling the house for different needs, which is something we’ve always enjoyed. We’ve replanned how...

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