Siobhan Bermingham




Having started her career as an actress/dancer, Siobhan’s career path changed when she experienced a back injury. After retraining, Siobhan then went on to coach business owners/managers, lawyers, bankers and entrepreneurs in public speaking, sales and negotiation techniques. Siobhan was engaged regularly to run internal training with companies on presentation skills, communication and sales.  

Siobhan spent several years working with The Bald Truth Ltd., Elite Mind Engineer Ltd. and in partnership companies with Legacy Education Alliance Inc. providing in-person training and developing e-learning courses internationally. In the last 8 years, Siobhan has worked in developing and negotiating contracts for a range of digital e-learning products and providing consultancy services before, during and after significant negotiations. Siobhan’s been interviewed frequently on her public speaking expertise including interviews on BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Scotland where she is listed as a Public Speaking expert. Siobhan spent several years coaching a range of start-up companies, helping them to pitch their products/services to investors, negotiate contracts and secure financing.

More recently Siobhan has worked in the Electric vehicles industry with WhichEV before joining Scotwork as a Consultant providing negotiation training as an associate tutor.

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