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Ann McAleavy
Negotiation Three [Converted]

Since I started working at Scotwork, I have heard the words negotiate, negotiating, negotiations much more than I thought was possible! I can liken it to the following scenarios - on a diet, you see and think food! You've broken up with your partner - you see couples offers, adverts on dating; my job is to sell the negotiation skills training courses so you will get the gist.

Over the past fortnight, negotiation has probably been heard and spoken about more and in a concentrated timescale due to COP 26, you can relax I'm not going there for my blog topic! My point is that negotiation is part of your and my, and most people's everyday life you just don't always recognise it.

For landmark moments in life such as buying a car or a house, you are going to be talking with someone, information will be back and forth, and a favourable outcome is hoped for, with your side being full of your hopes and wishes. The results of these conversations, whether for or against us, happen because of a negotiation. We rarely buy things such as cars or houses at face value or without asking for something in return for example: Buying a car, you may query the price, the mileage, the colour, or the delivery date! Can you get something of value to you that costs the dealer very little?

Buying a house, you may be willing to pay the advertised price giving the housebuilder the sale but only if you receive something in return that is of value to you i.e. the garden being turfed and fencing to surround the property; these items are expensive if you require to do these yourself.  These are just sample scenarios that require negotiation.  During these interactions, you may be on your own or you may have someone with you; there is a reason I make this point. When you attend the Scotwork course you learn as a group and when you're at the point of actively participating in the case play, you are part of a team of 3.  The Lead, The Summariser and The Observer, and during the course you get to play all 3 roles. Although I won't disclose too much more information regarding the actual course, it highlights that there can be information missed if you're on your own, which in turn highlights that it's important to learn all 3 parts and be aware of all the information given to you, take time to digest it and to recap if necessary.

In business the same method applies; sometimes your job requires you to work alone, while other times you'll be part of a team, this time it's not personal but business and there can be more at stake e.g. the support of your suppliers, financial backing from lenders, and ongoing and an increasing customer base.  By taking each negotiation at a time and working through all issues of concern; we can propose alternative solutions, package them to suit both parties and agree on a deal.

So, the next time you find yourself in a business meeting, or ready to make that landmark purchase, breathe, take your time to understand the facts in front of you, propose alternative solutions or options if necessary and be at peace that you have made the best decision or have the desired outcome.

If any of the above resonates with you or your business and you would like to find out more about the training courses we offer, then please get in touch, we're ready to help.

Ann McAleavy
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