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Deal Divas - A Scotwork Podcast - Episode 4

The Scotwork Team
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"Actionable Ads and Micronegotiations" with Charlie Cadbury

In this month’s new episode of the Deal Divas – A Negotiation Podcast, our experts interview Charlie Cadbury, CEO at Say It Now.

Charlie's focus is 'Actionable Ads'. Using Voice Assistants (like Alexa & Google Assistant) to deliver engagement, insight and a transactional endpoint for advertising campaigns.

Say It Now have been at the forefront of collaboration between new technologies and advertising – in their case, AI, natural language processing and voice assistants all working to deliver an array of outcomes for advertising campaigns. As such, Charlie has been involved in driving change, opening up opportunities and other negotiating challenges.

We spoke with Charlie about his experiences negotiating throughout his career, how technology and AI will shape negotiations in the future and discussed the importance that micronegotiations had in shaping his success.

If you have any questions for either the Deal Divas or Charlie, or if there are any topics you would like us to discuss, you can email us at

'Deal Divas' is a podcast that offers a candid, sometimes serious, sometimes humorous take on all things negotiation from three women who spend their lives immersed in the topic.

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