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Is Negotiation a Transferable Skill?

The Scotwork Team

When recruiting new employees, companies place a high value on transferable skills like teamwork and problem-solving. In fact, over 90% of hiring managers in a recent poll conducted by Nesta.Org, said that these skills were of "high" or "very high" importance in the recruiting process.


Negotiation plays a key role in various workplace activities such as collaborating on team projects and making business deals. This makes it a desirable skill that is extremely valuable in today's business landscape.


This article will explore the abilities that are acquired through negotiation, the benefits of developing strong negotiation skills, and how these skills are transferable. We will also highlight how Scotwork, a renowned global training provider lead by negotiation experts, can improve your negotiation abilities.

Skills that Stem from Negotiation

Negotiation is a diverse skill that teaches several valuable abilities. Here are some of the key skills that stem from negotiation:

Strong communication skills

Interacting with people thoughtfully and clearly, active listening, and building rapport. In a recent poll, 91% of employers said that communication skills were vital when making hiring decisions.


Analysing complex situations, overcoming challenges, and developing innovative solutions.

Emotional intelligence

Identifying and empathising with other people’s feelings and learning how to manage your own emotions.


Learning tactics that can help you present convincing arguments, influence others, and achieve your professional goals.


Confidently expressing and advocating for your priorities, perspectives, and interests. Learning how to balance empathy and assertiveness effectively.

Relationship building

Creating trust, nurturing long-term relationships, and resolving conflicts to reach mutually beneficial agreements.


Evaluating choices that are presented to you, weighing up pros and cons, and making well-informed decisions.

Time management

Organising tasks, meeting deadlines, and effectively managing negotiation processes to achieve favourable outcomes.


Negotiation is a versatile skill that goes far beyond simply reaching agreements. It teaches you a wide range of valuable abilities that are desired across various professions and industries. The majority of these skills will also enhance your personal life e.g. by helping you develop stronger relationships and secure better deals.

What are the Benefits of Having Negotiation in Your Skillset?

Learning negotiation skills offers multiple benefits in both personal and professional settings.


Firstly, negotiation skills will boost your confidence and empower you to express your views and resolve conflicts effectively. Whether it's a salary negotiation, a business deal, or a disagreement with a colleague, possessing negotiation skills will help you reach mutually beneficial outcomes.


Negotiation skills also improve communication and collaboration, helping you create stronger relationships in both your professional and personal life.

Negotiation is Commonplace

Negotiation is not just important in the workplace. You are likely to encounter negotiation situations in various aspects of your daily life. From organising dinner plans with friends to hiring professional services, negotiation skills are always being used.


Developing strong negotiation skills will give you a competitive edge in the workplace by helping you resolve conflicts, make well-informed decisions, and achieve positive outcomes.

Is Negotiation a Transferable Skill?

Negotiation skills are extremely versatile and highly transferable across various industries including management, sales, and law. From communication and problem-solving to teamwork and nurturing strong relationships, being able to negotiate effectively is more important than ever.


The ability to negotiate effectively helps professionals navigate complex business landscapes and achieve desired goals and objectives. The versatility of negotiation makes it an essential skill in today's ever-evolving job market, where transferable skills and adaptability are highly desired.

Negotiation Skills Training with Scotwork

Scotwork offers comprehensive training programs that have been specifically designed to improve your negotiation skills. Our expert team has over 45 years of experience and provides individuals and businesses with the practical tools and techniques needed to become exceptional negotiators.


Our training courses provide an average ROI of 16.08 x the course fee in just 3 months.


Contact our team if you want to learn more about our expert negotiation training and consultancy services. Visit our site to explore our comprehensive training programs and find more information.



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