Negotiation Skill Tips

Our skill tips are a distillation of, often, complex analysis into simple, practical, usable language and techniques designed to be relevant in the real world. They are not silver bullets and alone will not win the day but the insights driving them are used by the most effective negotiators in the world. If the negotiating challenge reflected in our previous tip resonated with you then; read on.

5 Tips for Improving Negotiation Dialogue

1) What don’t you know?

Spend time thinking through any gaps in your knowledge and prepare some questions to generate responses to fill them in.

2) What do you feel uncomfortable answering?

How are you going to deal with difficult questions? Don’t just hope they don’t get asked. If you are ready for them and have prepared appropriately you will be more in control.

3) What information are you going to share?

Information is power, but only when used appropriately, and at the right time. Plan what you want to reveal and when you will reveal it.

4) Be curious

If people are reluctant to answer direct questions or try to redirect or answer different questions, ask yourself why? When people give information or decide not to, they are still sending information. Be curious as to why?

5) Switch off your transmitter.

Dialogue suggests listening, so listen better, listen more and when you have listened a lot, listen a bit more. Two ears and one mouth use them in that proportion.



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The Benefits of Scotwork Negotiation Skills Training

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