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Deal Divas - Episode 3: "Plan to Prepare, Fail to Fail"

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A new episode from the Deal Divas is out on all your favourite streaming platforms.

In this episode, our negotiation experts dive into their experiences and learnings through the years around the importance of preparation ahead of their negotiations. From learning to consider the other side’s needs, to being able to adjust expectations and clarify objectives on both ends and prepare for discrepancies, the podcast includes many anecdotes that have served as learning experiences for the three women.

“Something that perhaps we don’t do is think about why are they engaging with me, how are they engaging with me and is what am I delivering to them done in a way that suits them. Because it is easy to look at everything from my side of the street” says Annabel Shorter.

Ann Allfrey also stated through the podcast: “I always talk to people about the importance of setting your own objectives, have clarity around what you want to achieve and also have a gameplan or two (or three) to enable you to achieve that, but also spending time thinking about, where are they coming from? Do they see you as a strategic partner or do they just see you as a commodity purchase? Because without that, you are just squeezing your agenda into the negotiation”.

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'Deal Divas' is a podcast that will be a candid, sometimes serious, sometimes humorous take on all things negotiation from three women who spend their lives immersed in the topic.


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The Scotwork Team
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