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With a background as a Senior Business Development Executive in a number of large and small organisations, Annabel brings over a decade of negotiating and commercial experience to her clients.  Her early participation in the emerging field of partnership marketing saw her creating deals across a large cross section of industries, charities, utilities, FMCG brands, football clubs and pop stars!

Prior to joining Scotwork in 2007, Annabel enjoyed success in a number of blue-chip Business Development roles. She began in Account Management with Castrol UK Ltd and went on to become part of the Senior Leadership team of Levi Strauss UK Ltd at the height of their success. 

Annabel moved to work in the field of Partnership or Affinity Marketing, creating and delivering deals for Cable & Wireless and Virgin Mobile before entering the brave, new world of Mobile Marketing, heading up Business Development for two small VC-backed enterprises. The delivery of these experimental initiatives required significant organisational change and internal negotiations were long and hard-fought. 

Throughout her career, Annabel has been responsible for driving growth, often in difficult and new environments. She believes passionately that strong negotiating is at the heart of effective business performance and draws on her experiences, good and bad to assist her clients.  


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International Women's Day - An Interview with Annabel Shorter

With a background as a Senior Business Development executive in a number of large and small organisations, Annabel brings over a decade of business negotiation consultant experience. Over recent years she has been involved in...

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The Right Thing

Whizzing around yesterday I caught snippets of the news and I gather that the Government is considering decriminalising the non-payment of the BBC’s licence fee. If I understand correctly the fee will...

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