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TV or not TV

Ann McAleavy
Negotiation Tv [Converted]
Over the past year or so, life has been very different for much of the world. The experience of COVID 19 - The Pandemic has had a definite impact on how we have lived our lives.  The normal we once took for granted was spun on its head leaving us disoriented and searching for new things to occupy the time.
One thing I've done more of is watch TV. This includes various subscription channels, giving me more options for a night's viewing. For those who don't know me; I'm married to a Sports programme fanatic! Football, Snooker, Darts, Horse Racing, Athletics, you get the picture; I even make a concerted effort to know the Football Team Managers for the Premier League to show I'm taking it all in.
My weekly negotiation consists of preparing my opening statement for what I wish to view for the week, while allowing for exercise allocation, housework, and anything in between. I then suggest to my other half the options for viewing, I read the signals (or hear the sighs, sometimes), have my wish and concession list ready and get ready to package our tv viewing.
I am very lucky, as I have quite a few additional sources I can stream from; however, I remember too many years ago to count that TV viewing was not so flexible, programmes had a set time, there was no catch-up and no subscription channels - oh the good ole days!
After picking a programme to watch that has 5 series and 100 ​episodes, I thought the agreement would be nullified and I would have to start again: but not so, the programme "Jane The Virgin" is light-hearted, funny, heart-warming, and only 45mins per episode which can fit into the schedule great.  This means that we reached a deal on both our terms.
Negotiation does not always have to be about business, how companies interact with each other for billion-dollar deals, it can be something as simple and ordinary as who gets to watch what on the TV.
Happy negotiating my friends, please provide your latest recommendations for my future viewing.
Ann McAleavy
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