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Deal Divas - A Scotwork Podcast

The Scotwork Team
Negotiation Podcast [Converted]


In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are thrilled to launch 'Deal Divas', a podcast that will be a candid, sometimes serious, sometimes humorous take on all things negotiation from three women who spend their lives immersed in the topic.

The podcast aims to cover a wide range of negotiation-related topics, and our expert negotiators Annabel Shorter, Ann Allfrey and Siobhan Bermingham will provide listeners with practical strategies and inspiration. While the focus will be on women's experiences in negotiation, the discussions will extend to all aspects of negotiation, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of real-world examples.

Ahead of the release, our Senior Consultant and Podcaster, Ann Allfrey commented: "As women, we bring unique perspectives and strengths to the negotiation table. 'Deal Divas' is not just about discussing negotiation techniques; it's about sharing our experiences and insights in an engaging and sometimes humorous way. Discussing life, business and a wide range of topics through the lens of 3 experienced female negotiators. Tune in for lively discussions, interesting topics and maybe everything you wanted to know about negotiating as a woman but didn't know where to ask.”

The first two episodes of ‘Deal Divas’ are now live on all your favourite podcast platforms, with subsequent episodes scheduled for monthly release. The debut episode serves as an introduction to the hosts and their experiences negotiating as women. The second episode will showcase further insight into negotiation strategies and challenges.

Future episodes will feature discussions on cultural differences in negotiation, with guest appearances from people in the industry and other Scotwork employees from around the world.

If you have any questions or if there are any topics you would like the Deal Divas to discuss, you can email us at

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